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EMO sets a new standard for authentication that protects you
and others from fraud and other illegal activity

Since our service is Internet based and amazingly flexible and powerful, we are very careful to ensure that it is being used legally and ethically. Before we allow access to certain capabilities, we apply a rigorous authentication process to ensure that identities and money are not being stolen. This process is conducted NOT by a computer, but personally by a human being a trusted EMO employee in the United States. It includes a review of photo IDs, proof of address, and other methods that, for security reasons, we do not disclose. The employee applies judgment during the process, so no two processes are quite the same. We also keep your submitted information secure and private. We apologize if this is inconvenient for you, but it makes EMO a safer place for you to do business.

To begin the verification process, create your EMO account and click on "Verification" in your "My Account" page. Shown below are the 3 types of verification.

Verification Diagram

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