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Printing Electronic Money Orders

Thatís right. You can print an EMO® money order on plain paper on your home or office printer. And your personal account numbers are NOT shown anywhere. We use our account numbers, protecting you from fraud. This patent pending process also has other fraud prevention and validation features. Try it.

  • You select the amount of the EMO.
  • You select the Payee of the EMO.
  • You print the EMO. If you have printer problems, you can easily re-print with just one click.
  • There is a control code on the EMO with 4 digits and 4 blanks. When you tell us you have a good print, we'll give you the numbers to write into the 4 blanks. This completes the control code and makes the EMO negotiable.
  • In turn, using the complete control code, the payee may check the validity of the EMO by calling us or visiting the website.
  • You also have a record of when the payee cashed or deposited the EMO.
  • For electronic money orders over US$1000, we provide special paper stock for your protection.

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