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Partnering with EMO

Partners are critical to your success. Our solutions for moving money lend themselves to excellent partnering opportunities. If your business or governmental entity is spending too much money to move money, chances are we can help. Let us demonstrate how you can email EMO™ Electronic Money Orders that can be printed on plain paper with plain ink all with no setup required of the recipient. Here are some of our current partnering opportunities:

Money Orders: Enable your Turnkey, Kiosk and other Systems with our technology

We can provide Print Your Own technology to your company, just integrate and you are ready to go.

Rebate payments: Stop printing and mailing paper checks. Just email an EMO!

Payables, Survey Incentives, Contract Employees: Stop printing, signing, and mailing paper checks.

With EMOs Print Your Own™ capability, you email payments. Your payees dont need to expose their account numbers or load any software.

Verification, Fraud Prevention, Card Loading, Merchant Services: Enhance your systems, or use ours

Ensure your customers are patriot act compliant, honest, legitimate, and safe. Let us verify identities, we do the work and store the data, so you have no liability for losing it. Use our Platform to enable reloading of your Incentive and Debit Cards. Use our merchant platform or turnkey payment systems.

If youd like to discuss these solutions or have challenges that we can help solve, wed be glad to hear from you.

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