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How EMO Works

You establish your account and fund it using a variety of methods including checks, cash, and credit cards. We maintain your funds in your own secure, private stored-value account. You can print money orders or email your funds anywhere. Plus, the recipient can then print money orders and on goes the value of EMO!

Who uses EMO?

In establishing new accounts, we are meticulous about security and fraud protection and legal and ethical usage. Our verification process is designed to ensure that your identity is not being stolen. We strictly adhere to the Patriot Act and are always on the lookout for questionable activity.

What options are there for moving my money?


Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to create you account and begin using EMO!

  • Click the Sign Up link and enter your email address and country
  • Receive your confirmation email
  • Click to confirm your email address and complete your registration

Your account will now be active allowing you access to several of EMO's features:

  • Print EMO® plain paper Electronic Money Orders under $1000
  • Receive Payments
  • Send Payments

EMO's many advanced features can be made available to you after you verify your account. Our Fee Schedule lists all of our features and whether or not verification is required. For information on verification, log into your account and click 'Verifications' under the Profile Management heading. You may also benefit from viewing our support page which has information related to verification and other items of interest.

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