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Fee Schedule

EMO Corporation recognizes that providing the best value is crucial in today's competitive business climate. We deliver exceptional value by charging low fees. In fact, we charge nothing for moving money between EMO accounts. That's right, if you move money within the EMO system, it is frictionless, it is FREE. So, getting your community of users to adopt EMO can save money for all. Note: all transactions are made in US dollars.

Account Fees Verification Required Transaction Time Fee Amount
First Account (personal/business) N/A N/A FREE
Additional Accounts N/A N/A FREE
Account to Account Transfers No Instant FREE
Funding / Money In
Receive EMO payments No Instant FREE
Receive purchase payments into a merchant account Yes Instant FREE
Mail a check (USD only) Yes 2-10 business days 1 FREE
Mail a money order (USD only) Yes Same or next business day FREE
Bank Account Transfer up to 5000 daily - (USA Bank Accounts Only) Yes 3 business days 0.5% + $3.50
Credit Card Yes Instant 6.0%
Bank Wire from US bank Yes Same or next business day $15.00
Bank Wire from International bank Yes 1 - 2 business days $15.00
Cash deposit at local bank2 Yes 1 - 6 business days 2.5%
Internet Currency Yes Instant view details
Withdrawals / Money Out
Send individual EMO payments No When recipient logs-in FREE
Print an EMO up to 1000 USD on plain paper No Upon Activation $2.00
Print an EMO on EMO custom paper Yes Upon Activation $1.00-$2.00 3
Bank Account Transfer up to 5000 daily - (USA Bank Accounts Only) Yes 2-4 business days, average (when item settles) $3.50
Debit Card Yes view details view details
Internet Currency Yes Instant view details


  1. First check will take 10 business days to clear, future checks will take 2-3 business days.
  2. Cash deposits accepted only at Comerica (clears in 1-2 business days) and Wells Fargo (clears in 4-6 business days).
  3. EMO offers money order blanks and mailing envelopes.

EMO amount and paper type Fee*
Up to 1000USD on Secure paper $2.00
Up to 2500USD on Standard paper $1.50
Up to 25000USD on Optimum paper $1.00

* The above amounts show printing fees excluding the price of the paper.

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